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Sticks and stones
  may break my bones
but words
  shall never hurt me.

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No html formatting is permitted in the body of a comment. However, certain tags are recognized for formatting the output. Most formatting tags are used in pairs, where [tag] begins the affected text and [/tag] ends the affected text.

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[strike] [/strike] Strike through text.
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[em] [/em] Emphasized text.
[strong] [/strong] Strong text.
[cite] [/cite] Citation text.
[code] [/code] Program code text.
[kbd] [/kbd] Keyboard input text.
[samp] [/samp] Program sample output text.

Paragraph Styles.

[address] [/address] Address block.
[h1] [/h1] Header 1, largest.
[h2] [/h2] Header 2.
[h3] [/h3] Header 3.
[h4] [/h4] Header 4.
[h5] [/h5] Header 5.
[h6] [/h6] Header 6, smallest.
[pre] [/pre] Preformatted output.

Special Tags.

Pictures can be embedded using the img tag. Width and height values can also be specified.

[img src="urlOfImg"]
[img src="" height="32"]

Hyperlinks can be embedded with text using the link tag. Link Text is optional; the url appears when no link text is provided.

[link urlOfLink]Link Text[/link]
[link]Shores of Hazeron[/link]

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love samuel
These are the results of the two Special Tags examples. I pasted them into this message, each on it's own line, though that is not required.

Image example...

Link example...
Shores of Hazeron