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Captain Janeway had her first batch of babies this spring. She had six.

Before we slaughtered them, we decided to give B'Elanna another try with Tom. She was not very receptive the first time and seemed to be a dud. They chased each other around for a while which got us curious. We decided to look, having finally learned how to sex these critters.

Oops! B'Elanna is a boy. The people we got them from must have sexed him incorrectly. Or perhaps he decided to be a different gender.

The final slaughter included B'Elanna and five of Janeway's kids. We kept one female to breed with Tom. There could be inbreeding issues but we only plan to use the babies for meat; it won't matter if they're retards.

We were too slow getting around to slaughtering them. The girls were already pregnant, possibly including Janeway.

Poor Tom missed out on all the action this time around, only got a shot at trans B'Elanna. He tried like hell, humped herhim for all he was worth, but it just didn't work.